Life Orientations (LIFO®)

Life Orientations is a full day academy that allows each participant to identify their own unique combination of the four basic behavioral styles. With this information, each participant will develop a deeper understanding of how they act as an individual and in groups. This training helps teams develop better communication and work more effectively together. 

This full-day academy includes: 

  • Each participant completes a survey instrument administered by Illinois ASBO prior to the event (they will receive a full report of their individual results at the event). 
  • Group interaction over the course of a one-day facilitation by Illinois ASBO. 
  • A framework for future interaction among team members to promote further bonding and growth.
  • 6.5 hours of CPDU credit for each participant.
This Training is Available in Two Formats:

Option 1: Bring this valuable training to your administrative team! Host the facilitators at your district for a private team building experience. Pricing varies based on the number of participants. For more information, please contact Susan Bertrand at (630) 542-7001.

Option 2: This training is regularly offered by Illinois ASBO as an administrator academy. Check the Calendar of Events for future event dates to plan your participation!  

Highlights of the LIFO® Method

LIFO® is a complete performance improvement methodology. It is not a personality profile.

Strategies to help people align their intentions with behaviors that will create the most positive impact.

LIFO® uses a preference based behavioral styles approach that is contextual and self-reporting.

Encourages the full use of your strengths and helps you avoid

Helps people work with each other by tuning into what others respond to best.

Strategies for success-individual awareness, team optimization and organizational excellence.