Life Orientations (LIFO®)

Life Orientations is a full day academy that allows each participant to identify their own behavioral leadership style and then learn to flex or bridge their style to that of others to improve communication and outcomes.

This full-day academy includes: 

  • An online LIFO survey instrument to be completed prior to the Academy.
  • Attendees will receive an individual written report designed to provide information about communication preferences, leadership strengths and decision making styles.
  • A variety of engaging activities that will help attendees become more self-aware in order to increase effectiveness and expand influence.
  • 6.5 hours of credit for each participant.
This Training is Available in Two Formats:

Option 1: Bring this valuable training to your administrative team! Host the facilitators at your district for a private team building experience. Pricing varies based on the number of participants. For more information, please contact Donna Rostamian at

Option 2: This training is regularly offered by Illinois ASBO as an administrator academy. Check the Calendar of Events for future event dates to plan your participation!  

Highlights of the LIFO® Method

LIFO® is a complete performance improvement methodology. It is not a personality profile.

Strategies to help people align their intentions with behaviors that will create the most positive impact.

LIFO® uses a preference based behavioral styles approach that is contextual and self-reporting.

Encourages the full use of your strengths and helps you avoid

Helps people work with each other by tuning into what others respond to best.

Strategies for success-individual awareness, team optimization and organizational excellence.