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Learn from Your Peers at the New Leadership Conference

On February 20-21, 2020, join the Illinois ASBO Leadership Center for two days of powerful leadership training, including an interactive leadership experience and a myriad of relevant topics for school and industry leaders. The cost of the Conference includes all meals, lodging and group activities!


Nearly ten years ago, I made the best personal investment in my professional career that continues to benefit me to this day. Before this yearlong leadership journey, I did not feel I was connecting with my team. I entered the Leadership Institute, knowing that I could be a better leader and wanting to obtain the tools to do so. Three essential tools were given to me ...
Are YOU a kick-ass boss? Can you be a better leader and co-worker? There is always room for improvement! Discover how Kim Scott intersects caring personally and challenging directly to create Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity . Care Personally What do you know about your employees outside of their work lives? If your answer resembles ...

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Our Mission

The Illinois ASBO Leadership Institute originated from the leadership passion of Michael Jacoby, Ed.D., SFO, CAE, Illinois ASBO Executive Director/CEO. The mission behind the program is leadership through the development of others. This goal has built the foundation for our Leadership Center offerings that range from the Institute, in-person trainings, academies, online learning and our new Leadership Conference.

Our facilitator team comes from diverse backgrounds with years of experience and training in these tried and true leadership methods. This team is here to help you grow as an individual, but ultimately change the lives of those you work with by building better and more efficient teams.

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The Illinois ASBO Leadership Center is built on one simple foundation –

While some people may have more charisma, referent or positional power, it does not mean they are a good leader. The greatest leaders are those who have taken the time to learn how to lead well. Reading, experimenting, engaging with others, assessing behaviors and impact, charting a course for improvement and creating meaningful accountability circles are the values and behaviors of successful leaders. Here at Illinois ASBO our goal is to create opportunities for our members, both school district and Service Associate, to learn and improve on all of these behaviors of great leadership. If it is as John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence,” then together let’s make a positive influence on your world!

- Michael A. Jacoby, Ed.D., SFO, CAE
Executive Director/CEO
Illinois ASBO