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Leadership Institute - 2019 Cohort

Join the 2022 Leadership Institute Cohort!

A new leadership cohort will begin with an immersion experience taking place March 1-3, 2022. The Institute will be taking place in-person as state guidelines allow, or rescheduled to a later date. Register now to reserve one of the limited spots in the 2022 Leadership Institute!


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Over my seven years as an Adjunct MBA professor, I’ve taught numerous students who chose to pursue their MBA because they want to climb the ladder and be prepared for being a Boss. One can always tell the topics that just grab their attention - motivational theory, leader vs manager, strategic analysis. But, one topic that I can always tell the students are really focused on ...
If the past few months have shown us anything, it’s that there are more hills to climb, more battles to fight and more questions than answers in the world right now. You can look at the global stage to see how divided our country has become or look no further than your local school board meeting to find turmoil. Everyone is scrambling trying to find their truth, trying to find ...

Our Mission

The Illinois ASBO Leadership Institute originated from the leadership passion of Michael Jacoby, Ed.D., SFO, CAE, Illinois ASBO Executive Director/CEO. The mission behind the program is leadership through the development of others. This goal has built the foundation for our Leadership Center offerings that range from the Institute, in-person trainings, academies, online learning and our new Leadership Conference.

Our facilitator team comes from diverse backgrounds with years of experience and training in these tried and true leadership methods. This team is here to help you grow as an individual, but ultimately change the lives of those you work with by building better and more efficient teams.

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The Illinois ASBO Leadership Center is built on one simple foundation –

While some people may have more charisma, referent or positional power, it does not mean they are a good leader. The greatest leaders are those who have taken the time to learn how to lead well. Reading, experimenting, engaging with others, assessing behaviors and impact, charting a course for improvement and creating meaningful accountability circles are the values and behaviors of successful leaders. Here at Illinois ASBO our goal is to create opportunities for our members, both school district and Service Associate, to learn and improve on all of these behaviors of great leadership. If it is as John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence,” then together let’s make a positive influence on your world!

- Michael A. Jacoby, Ed.D., SFO, CAE
Executive Director/CEO
Illinois ASBO