Administrator Renewal Requirements

Why is it important to maintain your license?
  • Legislation requires certified practicing public administrators to maintain professional development requirements every 5 years.
  • Public Act #92-796 (effective July 1, 2003) established new professional development requirements for public school administrators.
  • Public Act #93-679 (effective June 30, 2004) revised the requirements established in 2003.
  • Public Act #98-610 (effective December 27, 2013) has changed some of the requirements for renewing the Professional Educator License endorsed in a teaching field, or in a school support personnel or administrative area.
How to access the Educator License Information System (ELIS)

ELIS is the web-based system that has replaced the Educator Certification System (ECS) and allows you to:

  • Register your credentials.
  • Apply for a license, endorsement, or approval.
  • Renew and reinstate your license.
  • Input credits for professional development activities.
  • Pay online for application services accepting only: Discover, American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

ELIS can be accessed on any computer with internet access (best viewed with the latest version of Internet Explorer).

How Do You Handle An Audit of Your License?

To be prepared in case of an audit:

  • Keep good records.
  • Use ELIS.
  • Document and maintain all professional development records.
  • Remember a certain number of administrators will be audited during their subsequent certificate cycle.
  • Manage your records and maintain your license.

Renewal Resources

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

Access more information regarding your administrator certification and renewal process.

visit isbe website

Regional Office of Education (ROE)

Questions regarding certificate renewal should be directed to your local ROE.

roe directory

Requirements for Renewing

Learn what documentation is required for administrator continuing professional development activities.