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Update from Forecast5 Analytics, Now a Part of Frontline Education

By Michael Jacoby posted 02-17-2022 16:08


Illinois ASBO Members,

Below is an update from our Partner, Forecast5 Analytics, now a part of Frontline Education:

We are over a year into our acquisition into Frontline Education and are excited to finally be seeing some fruits of this new relationship. With change comes opportunity, questions and, in some cases, concerns. Considering these natural reactions and emotions, we want to outline some of the forthcoming changes.

One aspect you should know up front – Frontline is deeply committed to not only maintaining but also growing our overall Partner Program through an increased investment in 2022. Illinois ASBO has been, is, and will remain an important part of our success.

The first, and most visible, change will be around our branding. Historically, the acquired company name has faded into the background but that will not be the case here. Going forward, Forecast5 Analytics will be titled, Frontline Analytics, powered by Forecast5. Our Analytics product names are also changing to be more intuitively descriptive, while still referencing their legacy names:

  • 5Sight is now Comparative Analytics, formerly 5Sight
  •  5Cast is now Financial Planning Analytics, formerly 5Cast
  • 5Cast Plus is now Budget Management Analytics, formerly 5Cast Plus
  • 5Maps is now Location Analytics, formerly 5Maps
  • 5Lab is now Student Analytics Lab, formerly 5Lab

Additionally, you’ll start seeing references to combinations of our Analytics products into Frontline solutions that align to the other three suites:

  • Frontline Business Analytics, powered by Forecast5
  • Frontline Student Analytics, powered by Forecast5
  • Frontline HCM Analytics, powered by Forecast5

The second change focuses on our Advisors.  To be crystal clear, our Advisors remain a critical element of our organization – Frontline highly prizes this critical strategic role. To increase our Advisor’s impact, we will be making some changes to their scope of work. For example, our Advisors historically did everything from password resets and technical troubleshooting to consulting on long-range financial plans and presentations. The vision is to enable our Advisors to do more of the latter and less of the former.  As is the case in any organization, while you may see some changes in personnel, each Analytics client will continue to have an Advisor they can go to for strategic support and, in addition, will have access to a broader Analytics Client Success team.

Finally, while we remain excited for the opportunities you will have with our Analytics solutions, we are equally excited for the opportunities within Frontline’s other product Suites, including Human Capital Management (HCM), Student Management, and Business Operations Management. As you can see from this infographic, Analytics touches on all areas. We view Analytics as the “secret sauce” that brings actionable insights to your teams.