DAA Briefs - October 14, 2020

By David Wood posted 10-22-2020 09:45


DAA Briefs: FY21 State Budget Highlights, TRS Penalty & Other Issues to Watch 

The Delegate Advisory Assembly (DAA) is a platform for Illinois ASBO members to discuss pending legislation and other policy or rule-related issues. They met virtually on Wednesday, October 14 to discuss issues that impact Illinois school districts.

DAA Seeking Input on TRS Penalty for Future Creditable Earnings

A situation was brought before the DAA where some districts may be paying stipends to individuals even though the activity is not occurring simply to offset any potential TRS penalty for future creditable earnings in excess of six percent. In these cases, the stipends are likely less expensive than the penalty.
The DAA is seeking your input on how this issue impacts your district. Whether or not it impacts you, please take this short survey to help us understand the scope of this issue.

Guest Speaker from the GOMB Presents on FY21 Illinois Budget Outlook

The DAA welcomed guest speaker Andy Krupin from the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. Krupin's presentation outlined factors impacting Illinois' FY21 revenues including the progressive tax pass or fail and whether there will be federal stimulus support.

View the slides from the GOMB presentation here.

Upcoming Veto Session: Issues to Watch

The Veto Session for the Illinois Legislature will be taking place this upcoming November 17-19 as well as December 1-3.

The DAA discussed the following bills/issues to watch in the upcoming veto session:

  • SB3989 — This bill offers liability protection for individuals, businesses or units of local government (retroactive to January 1, 2020) for civil damages for any acts or omissions that result in the transmission of COVID-19.
  • HB426 — This bill would offer flexibility in the bid process for districts who participate in USDA child nutrition programs.
Prepare to Engage: Watch a Short Video Now to Learn How to File a Witness Slip!

Ethics Reform and Impact on School Administrators

A letter written by Majority Leader Greg Harris and Assistant Majority Leader Kelly Burke summarized proposals that were discussed before the Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform.

The potential changes in ethics law outlined in the Burke-Harris letter could have an impact on the way school administrators engage with their legislators. The DAA will continue to watch this issue and keep Illinois ASBO members informed.