Goldmine Sessions

Join us for these Goldmine sessions on Wednesday, May 04, 2022 from 1:30PM - 2:45PM in Utopia A-D

Join roundtable discussions of your choice and learn from subject matter experts during this rotating session.
Earn credit while you join roundtable discussions of your choice and learn from subject matter experts during this rotating session!

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Ask the Auditor Take advantage of this opportunity to ask your questions to a respected panel of auditors. Ask about check disbursement protocols, creating new accounts for grants, GASB 87. This panel will take on all topics.

Fiscal Responsibility Law: The Transfering of Surplus Funds Learn more about (35 ILCS 200/) of the Property Tax Code regarding the transfer of surplus funds into a tax reimbursement account.

Banking, Investing & Collateral 101 Join this interactive question and answer session covering Treasury Management Services, analysis statements, earnings credit vs. interest income and any other topics that are brought up for discussion.

Evolving ESSER Plans & How to Communicate Them Discuss the evolution of your district's ESSER Plans and best practices to communicate them effectively with your communities and stakeholders.

The Better School Lunches Act, HB 4813 Join the discussion on HB 4813, which will give school districts the flexibility to evaluate foodservice vendors on a variety of factors other than just cost.

Understanding the 403b and 457b retirement plans Learn more about administering your district's 403b and 457b retirement plans and what function they serve.

The Bermuda Triangle of Leaves Hear from experts regarding Workers Compensation, the American with Disabilities Act and The Family Medical Leave Act. Bring your questions to this interactive session.

Be Prepared for Your Next Round of Contract Negotiations Find out the new trends in labor negotiations. Be prepared for your next round of contract negotiations.

Traits of a Strong Leader What kind of leader are you? As your staff changes, so should your leadership style. Learn the special traits to become an effective and strong leader for your team!

What's Hot at the Bargaining Table? Find out what topics were raised at the bargaining table during the last 18 months and how two school districts responded.

Is My District a Good Candidate for Solar, Battery or EV Incentives? Learn the key factors to implementing an effective solar project and applying for incentives. Gain insights on demand-side reduction and your potential for battery storage & electric vehicle charging.

Restrooms & Sanitation in a Post-COVID & Inclusive Society Discuss new restroom design plans to reduce touchpoints. Hear ideas for open and visible handwashing stations and individual stalls for a more equitable and gender-inclusive solution.

Financing Options for Illinois School Districts Join this important conversation about financing options available to school districts.

TRS Supplemental Savings Plan Update Receive an update on the TRS Supplemental Savings Plan and find out how other districts are using this new employee program.

Maximizing Medicaid What you need to know about Maximizing Medicaid and how to maximize your revenue with the jointly funded state and federal government program.

Getting the Perspective with Special Education Grants Gain insights on special education grants from both the district and cooperative perspective. Explore information on writing, spending and reporting for the grant.

Energy Resiliency: Reduce Your District’s Dependence on the Electric Grid Do you know how resilient your electrical infrastructure is? Do you have a plan for power outages? How about food retention in refrigerators and freezers? Learn the latest on battery storage, microgrids and on-site energy creation to maintain and protect your district’s operations.

How Can my School Facility Achieve Net Zero Energy Usage? Find out how River Trails School District 26 designed a school to achieve next zero energy usage.

Transportation - Who to Talk to & When School Transportation Services can be a complicated subject. You need to know who to contact when to contact them and what questions to ask. Walk away from this session with your answers which will vary from school to school.

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