Goldmine Sessions

Join us for these Goldmine sessions on Thursday, May 4, 2023 from 1:45PM - 3:15PM in Ballroom 400.

Earn credit while you join roundtable discussions of your choice and learn from subject matter experts during this rotating session!

View the Goldmine sessions map HERE.

What's Hot at the Bargaining Table? Hear what topics were raised at the bargaining table during the last 18 months and how two school districts responded.

Navigating Difficult Conversations Learn and share ideas on navigating difficult conversations in this open discussion session.

Microgrid-Enabled EV Charging to Cost-Effectively Power Electric School Bus Fleets Learn how to connect on site solar, battery, and microgrid controls with your EV chargers to power your electric cars and fleets.

Why you need Commissioning Come join this quick discussion on why commissioning is needed for your project and the benefits that can be realized by having an advocate for the owner. Don’t be late!

Critical Concern with Cooperative HVAC Purchasing HVAC units must be ordered a year in advance Cooperative purchasing gets you in line early, perhaps saves money, gives planning flexibility and carries risk. Come and learn from experience!

In Charge of Transportation — What Now! Are you new to your transportation position? Do you have questions about your new responsibilities? Bring your questions and ideas to this session about everything transportation.

The CSBO's Role in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Participants will discuss their roles in diversity, equity and inclusion. Operations play a key piece in developing student success. Learn ways to evaluate their roles and be a part of the initiative.

Escalating Construction Costs Attend this session and discuss current construction planning and the escalating costs with a CSBO.

PTELL Recapture Law Learn about recent amendments to the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL) that allow school districts to capture, or recapture, certain levy amounts unavailable under PTELL.

Budgeting for Equity: A Student Centered Approach How do we ensure that district budgets are based on the needs of the student? A thorough look at subgroups and specific demographics will drive the direction resources in order to ensure that all needs are met.

Banking, Investments & Collateral Bring your questions about banking services, earnings credit vs. interest rates and how your investment policy and collateral requirements can affect your overall yield.

Ask The Auditor Ever wonder why your auditors ask questions about protocols for check disbursement? Or perhaps, why you have to create a new account for a grant? Do you have GASB 87 Questions? Take advantage of this opportunity to ask this distinguished panel of auditors all the burning questions you've had about auditing.

Employee Recognition Employee recognition is an art, not a science. Explore ways to recognize employees that are effective and cost neutral.

Free Money! — FSA's & HSA's FSA's and HSA's are great ways to pay for medical expenses while reducing your tax burden. Come and discuss these plans and how they help employees.

Using Alternate Revenue Bonds to Fund Capital Projects Learn how alternate revenue bonds may be used to leverage various operating funds for current project needs.

Safer Schools Districts continue to look for ways to keep their schools safe. PASS K-12 gives us best-practice guidelines for school safety and a framework for enhancing our operations and practices.

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