Sponsoring Associations

In 1983, the Executive Directors of the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB), the Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) and the Illinois Association of School Business Officials (Illinois ASBO) met to discuss the formation of the Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus. After discussion and favorable responses from the Boards of the three associations, an organizational meeting took place in March of 1984 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois.

Nine appointed trustees attended the meeting and the fund was organized with four $100 checks being brought to the Fund by the initial Settlers. The Declaration of Trust was adopted and it was set forth that the Funds’ purpose was “…to invest available funds so as to enhance their investment opportunities pursuant to an investment program conducted in accordance with the Laws of the State of Illinois, from time to time in effect, governing the investment of School District Funds.”

The number of districts and assets continue to grow and the Fund remains committed to providing complete financial management resources for Illinois school districts and community colleges. Since its inception, ISDLAF+ is the only investment program sponsored by three separate benchmark associations:  Illinois ASBO, IASA and IASB.  Each recognizes the fund as being powerfully and uniquely suited to the needs of Illinois school districts – providing the ideal mix of safety, liquidity, and yield.

For more information see the article, “From humble beginnings, ISDLAF+ becomes go-to investment service for school districts.”


Illinois Association of School Boards

The Illinois Association of School Boards is a voluntary organization of local boards of education dedicated to strengthening the public schools through local citizen control. Although not a part of state government, IASB is organized by member school boards as a private not-for-profit corporation under authority granted by Article 23 of The Illinois School Code. The vision of the Illinois Association of School Boards is excellence in local school governance supporting quality public education.



Illinois Association of School Administrators

The Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) is the state’s premier advocacy organization for school administrators with more than 1,750 members and a history of promoting excellence dating back to 1946. The guiding principles of the IASA are expressed by its vision of “Maximum Educational Excellence for all Students,” and its mission statement, “To support school leaders in the pursuit of educational excellence through continued school improvement.” IASA offers a variety of professional enhancement and resource services to its members including professional and legal assistance, governmental relations, professional development programs and conferences, communications services, a mentoring program, newsletters, a job bank and networking.


Illinois ASBO

Illinois Association of School Business Officials

The Illinois Association of School Business Officials is devoted to the school business management profession. Their mission is to provide our members and stakeholders with a comprehensive range of professional development activities, services and advocacy through networking and participation.