ISDLAF+ School Finance Seminar - Virtual - (10/05/2021)

When:  Oct 5, 2021 from 09:00 to 12:00 (CT)


This second in a series of ISDLAF+ User Group Seminars is for current and prospective school district Fund participants and is designed to assist Superintendents and School Business Officials in understanding basic principles of school finance and business operations. The purpose of this hands-on, virtual seminar will be to develop the 2021 Property Tax Levy by evaluating different taxation scenarios, review the “Truth in Taxation” legal requirements and timeline, develop an estimate of respective fund tax rates for property taxes payable in 2022 and exit the seminar with a “draft” of the school district’s 2021 State Levy Certificate. 

Topics for October will include:

  • 2021 Tax Levy
  • Truth in Taxation Notice/Hearing

You will need to have access to your 2020 Tax Extension Notices for each county in which the school district is located and if you can get it, an estimate of the 2021 equalized assessed valuations from the respective township assessor(s), including new construction if you are tax capped.