School District Auditing Webinar Webcast Purchase

When:  Jul 16, 2019 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM (CT)


This event is for those that would like to purchase a recording of the 2019 School District Auditing Webinar. The recording link will be sent to you via email by mid-July. Please know Illinois ASBO is unable to administer credit for webinar recording purchases.

This webinar, which is targeted primarily for auditors of Illinois School Districts.
Below are the topics that will be covered:

Annual Financial Report (AFR): An overview of AFR changes and reporting issues identified by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

GATA/GATU Overview: An overview of the requirements of GATA and what auditors are required to do for FY19 with additional discussion on GATA ISBE Specific Requirements.

GASB Update: A discussion on GASB standards issued with upcoming implementation dates, including information on GASB 87 for leases.

GASB 84 Discussion: A discussion on the requirements of GASB 84 and the presentation in the AFR as well as GAAP basis statements. There will also be discussion on what auditors need to communicate to clients regarding this standard for the FY20 implementation deadline.

Illinois CPA Society Annual Report Review - Common Audit Report Deficiencies: An annual update from the results of the Illinois CPA Society Government Report Review Committee sessions from winter 2018.

TRS Updates: Updates on changes to TRS reporting that districts need to be aware of with specific focus on impacts on the annual audit.

THIS Update: A review of reporting issued by CMS/OAG related to GASB 75 and how it impacts the audit.

Please contact Lindsay Plath at (815) 753-9350 or if you have any questions.



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